5 Instagram Accounts that inspire Me

At some point in our lives, having too many ideas and not being able to bring them into fruition can cause us to be stuck in our creative journey. Recently, that has been the case for me and it has lead to my inconsistency on this blog which I’m deeply sorry about. At some point we all need a little push back in the

right direction.
So in today’s post, I’d be sharing with you 5 INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS THAT INSPIRE ME and why you need to follow each of them…

Instagram Accounts that Inspire Me


Amin of Everything Na Art, which simply means Everything is Art created this hashtag (#everythingnaart) which has turned into a brand on it’s own. She’s an Engineer by profession but also a Social media strategist. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you must have seen my Insta story when I successfully joined one of the best WhatsApp groups ever which she created. This group is so tough to join because of how sort out for it is and the fact that it had a slot for only 30 persons( as of the time I joined) didn’t even help matters. But I was determined because I needed to learn and grow, so I got into the group… A reasons why this account is one of the best accounts to follow on Instagram is because Amin is one person who’s incredibly smart and always dishing out free tips on how you can grow your brand. She pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

Check out her blog and join the tribe here


Nonye is the brain behind “This thing called Fashion” and her blog was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon before starting out my blog. She has a good sense of style, She’s also a Fashion Consultant and her creative Insta stories are always pushing me to be more creative too and they are fun to watch.

Find out more on her blog here


5 Instagram Accounts that inspire Me


Ifeoma is a Lagos based blogger who impresses me every single time with how she makes blogging in Lagos look. She shares her budget friendly style tips and shares how she thrift shops to come up with amazing looks.
I can say for a fact that she’s one of the most creative persons I’ve seen on Instagram, sometimes I wonder how her brain works because it just simply amazing.
Did I mention that she takes awesome pictures too, from product photography to self portrait. I always look forward to her Awesome Insta Story because of how interesting and educative they are.

Check out her blog to find out more here


I have been following Tosin for a very long time. I discovered her Instagram page through her Youtube channel, back then I knew her as Tosin Alabi but she changed her name because she got married. She shares tips on how to have a Godly relationship, She’s a Kingdom promoter and she shares her faith which is encouraging and edifying. She shares Business tips and nuggets based on her experience as a business owner. Her hair DIYs are amazing to watch.

Check out her YouTube channel here


Whitney is known for her ever glowing melanin skin and her captivating smile. She’s a Lawyer who decided to go after her dream to study Fashion in New York city, which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with her. I’ve followed her on almost all the social media platforms because of how interesting she is to watch.
She takes awesome pictures of herself and has amazing poses which leaves me blown away every single time. She shares her Journey, Makeup tutorial and Natural Hair tutorial on her YouTube Channel.
I simply love her journey because it pushes me to go after my dream as a fashion designer.

Check out her YouTube channel here

I hope you enjoyed this post and you’ve discovered some new accounts that you may not have seen before and can gain as much inspiration from them as I do.

Love always…

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts? Please let me know in the comments section below. Let’s all get inspired too😊😊

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