It was a raining Friday evening, the hubby & I decided to take a stroll after a brief meeting we had. On our way, we sighted a cute spot just by the road.

So we decided to check them out because this place looked really good from the outside and we couldn’t just go home wondering what the inside looked like.


Restaurant Review

Eat for 5k or Less

We were welcomed by the friendly door man, unlike some other places were you have to even open the door yourself. As we walked in, we heard a chorus “welcome to buns and Batter” by the staff, with smiles on their faces. To be honest, I was surprised and shy at the same time because of the attention we got. I’m not sure if they did this because they are new, but I hope they keep up with their warm welcome.


Ambiance of Buns & Batter

Restaurant Review in Port Harcourt

Restaurant Review in Port Harcourt

Restaurant Review in Port Harcourt

In my honest opinion, the place had my heart. I love a well thought out space. The decor, the lighting, the glass walls, etc… everything just played out well. They have a homely and friendly ambience. Their seating arrangement is just awesome and I loved the fact that you could enjoy your meal while you also enjoy the view, all because of the glass walls.|

|| FOOD & PRICE ||

Cheap places to eat in Port Harcourt Nigeria

Cheap places to eat in Port Harcourt Nigeria

Since this wasn’t a planned outing, we decided to just take some snacks and enjoy the awesome ambience. So here’s what we had;

A bottle of Water—————-N 200

A bottle of Coke——————N 250

Doughnut—————————N 200

Chicken Pie————————N 400

TOTAL BILL———————-N 1,250

You might notice that they seem to be more expensive than your regular fastfood, I didn’t like that fact. However, you can always order what you can afford.

You can find their menu here

P.S: For Pastry lovers, this Sit-in Bakery & Bistro would leave you wanting more.


Buns & Batter Logo

45 King Perekule St, GRA Phase Il, Port
Harcourt, Nigeria

Have you been to Buns and Batter before? If so, I’d really love to hear about your experience. And also, don’t forget to leave a comment down below of other good spots in Port Harcourt, I’d really love to check them out.

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  1. Been waiting on another post the place is beautiful. Really beautiful. However I’m more motivated to go there to take really nice pictures..and not really buy anything. Maybe just a a bottle of water. Lol.
    Howbeit Thanks Jenny . I enjoyed reading

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