Happy new month my loves and welcome to the second half of 2019. Today I’ll be sharing some tips and strategies on how to stay focused this new month so you can be a little bit more productive…

We can all agree that as time goes by there are always new distractions, especially in this day and age with technological advancements, life is becoming busier as we grow older.

Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur or employee, people of all works and ages struggle with keeping focus. So, here are 8 helpful Tips on How to Stay Focused.


HOW TO STAY FOCUSED By Jennifer Peters Nigerian Blogger

Setting out the right time for work or study is the beginning to archiving great results. You need to figure out if you’re more of a morning person or an evening person. When do you get all pumped up to work or study? Arrange your schedule so you do the most important task during your most efficient hours in the day.


 Recently, I discovered that I multi-task a lot and I wasn’t being completely productive. You know that feeling where you think you’ve done so much meanwhile, you still haven’t completed one single task? Well, that’s because you haven’t really trained your brain to focus on one thing and see to it that you finish that particular task before beginning the next one.


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HOW TO STAY FOCUSED By Jennifer Peters Nigerian Blogger

Sticking to a strict schedule can sometimes prove to not be as effective and efficient as you’d think. Rather you can take short breaks in-between small tasks. The human mind can get distracted over a long period of time and you’d notice that you actually haven’t achieved much. So learn to take short breaks as mini rewards for every small task that has been completed. 


HOW TO STAY FOCUSED By Jennifer Peters Nigerian Blogger

Productivity level is proven to increase once you’ve slept well. Getting proper sleep is essential not just when you want to be productive but for your health as well.

And we all know that we can’t really focus if we’re running on an empty stomach, it’s extra HARD!! 

So, having 10 minutes of full uninterrupted concentration is much better than having 20 minutes of distracted studying or work due to lack of food and good sleep. 

BONUS TIP: Also stay hydrated. Have a glass of water by your side every time you’re working.


HOW TO STAY FOCUSED By Jennifer Peters Nigerian Blogger

There’s a difference between making a “To-do list” and making a “Clear To-do list”. A clear to-do list has to be specific, down to every detail. If you want to read emails, you could specify what time you want to start and what time you want to end. This helps so you don’t spend too much time on one task.


HOW TO STAY FOCUSED By Jennifer Peters

Paying attention to your habits can go a long way in helping you stay productive. If you can figure out what easily distracts you then you can take away that distraction before you begin your work or study. If it’s your phone, laptop or Social Media, you can remove them from your side for the period of your work or study.


HOW TO STAY FOCUSED By Jennifer Peters Nigerian Blogger

Have you ever tried working from your bed? It takes a lot of grace and self-discipline to help you not fall asleep while working from your bed. Separating your relaxation space from your workspace is essential to ensure a high productivity level. Preparing a specific place for work will let your brain know when it’s time to concentrate.


HOW TO STAY FOCUSED By Jennifer Peters Nigerian Blogger

Have a specific time to end your task for the day. And at the end of that day’s task, do something you enjoy doing, this gives your brain an opportunity to cool down after a work or study session.

Was this post helpful in any way? Do you have any more tips that help you stay focused? Please do share in the comment so we can all learn and grow together.

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HOW TO STAY FOCUSED By Jennifer Peters

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