Lifestyle || 15 Random facts about me

Welcome to the New Week and the Last Week In July, it’s funny how this month went by so fast (at least for me). So today I’ll be sharing 15 random(irrelevant/ relevant)facts you may or may not want to know about me

PS: This post has some facts I haven’t openly admitted or shared before. So it’s highly confidential (please be nice 😊)

1. The first fact about me is that I love to create things. From, outfits to even Logos, I just enjoy making things from scratch. P.s I made my own Logo.

2. I was bullied in school about my weight, not for being too “Fat” but for being too “Skinny”. Because of that, I tried to gain weight with different methods but I’ve never been able to achieve that. I just had to accept the fact that it wasn’t happening. And I’ve chosen to love the way I look now. I’ll be repping the “Slim and Slender” gang with PRIDE!!

3. I am more of a VISUAL person.

4. Of recent, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have OCD. I’ve been denying this about myself (or maybe not) but I noticed how I can’t stand any place that has things lying around where they’re not supposed to be, a bed that isn’t laid properly, tiny visible dirt on any surface or things that don’t look straight or aligned to me. I’ll try my best to adjust things if I can. But if it’s not possible, I’ll just have to leave that place so I don’t go crazy.

5. I am SHY and hardly ever start a conversation. This makes people think I’m a snub but that’s not the case. Please say hi if you see me, who knows we’ll probably hit it off quicker than you think. 😁

6. I’m a sucker for puzzle games. I love to challenge my brain. From “Sudoku” to “4 pics 1 word” to any other logical game I can lay my hands on. I just like this feeling I get after solving any puzzle.

7. I love to be Organized! That feeling of knowing that your life doesn’t seem like a mess… I love that feeling A LOT. From having my wardrobe looking organized with each outfit pressed, folded and hung properly to having even my handbag decluttered. Or just having a good planner with every activity written out clearly, that feeling is one of the best feelings ever!!

8. I love perfumes! Basically, anything that smells nice has my heart.

9. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. Well in my defence, never really got one and I was also told that I was going to get injured on the first try. Prevention is better than cure and I didn’t want to get a lifetime scar, so I settled for watching others.

10. I am married to the most amazing man ever!! I know I don’t look it(I’ve been told that a lot), but I’ve been married for 7 months and 8 days now.😊😊


Lifestyle || 15 Random facts about me

11. I designed my own wedding dress for my big day. Which is one of my greatest achievements so far!! Maybe I’ll do a post on that soon.

12. If I’m really pissed off or upset, I’m the kind of person that cleans just to get my mind off that situation. I think its therapeutic!!

13. My all-time favourite food is Indomie Noodles

14. I hate asking for any kind of help.

15. Last but not least, I enjoy trying new things, places, etc.


Lifestyle || 15 Random facts about me

That’s all the random goodness you’ll be getting from Jennifer today 🙂

Thanks for reading. Till next time

Loads of Love…


What do we have in common? Do share with me some facts about yourself, let’s get to know each other better by leaving me a comment below, thank you.

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  1. Some really cool facts bouh yourself…well you see that No. 12, that i so me
    I don’t know how, but working just helps ease the rage…

  2. I hate bullies. Love yourself dear!
    I can relate to 4 and 7. I love decluttering and organizing. I still fight it but It truly calms me.
    I want to see a post on your wedding dress. Some of us want Inspiration. Thank you!
    Nice Post!

  3. I love your blog. I can totally relate with No. 1. I love to create things from scratch, websites, illustrations, etc…

  4. I enjoyed reading this dear. We’re similar in 1,5,6,8,11. Lol. You should do a post about your wedding dress inspiration. I’d like that.
    Lots of lovexxxxx.

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