Shopping for The Perfect Wedding Dress…

Every girl has this dream of what her wedding day will look like; from her hair, the venue and even her beautiful dress, most importantly

her prince charming. I wasn’t an exception when it came to dreaming about my big day.

Back then, I wanted to design my own wedding dress and even make it myself, how crazy was that you may think!! Well, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming big. I just couldn’t wait for the chance to actually wear my own design, especially on my big day.

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So the day was almost here, unfortunately, my sewing skills couldn’t make an actual wedding dress. I was feeling discouraged because this was my dream and I couldn’t picture wearing some random wedding dress. But luck would have it, I was getting married to an intelligent man(I must confess 😊), he made a suggestion and I’m glad I went with it…

He suggested that I design my wedding dress and take the design to an experienced seamstress. At first, I was a little bit skeptical because I was worried about what the final result would look like.

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen people’s experience on social media, where the outfit they asked a tailor to make turns out to be something horrible. I didn’t want that to be my case. As if I was already picturing the disaster that could come out of that experience.

Anyway, I still decided to sketch out my design with the hopes that when the design was ready I would try and find the perfect seamstress for it.
So I wrote down the ideas I had in mind and went on to make different attempts to come up with a design.

I decided to go for a detachable gown because I didn’t want to stress myself in changing twice for the reception. I went for a ball gown which was going to be for the actual wedding ceremony and then for the reception, it was going to be a mermaid style gown.

My design was ready and it was now time to decide on who was going to make this dress.
Here’s what the initial sketched looked like…


So, my baby sister and I decided to go on a hunt for the perfect seamstress for this huge project of mine. Our first stop was on Instagram…
Yes, as skeptical as I was, I still wanted to try my luck with Instagram tailors and God was on my side I must confess. After searching, we found one and that was House of Bo. I quickly reached out to her and we booked an appointment.

On the day of the appointment, I decided to go along with my mum(yeah mama’s girl😊). We met with the creative director Mrs Boma Ogidigben and she was pretty nice. I was glad she understood my design once she saw it, because she was able to interpret what I wanted without even asking me much questions since the illustration was pretty straight-forward. So we talked about what kind of fabric would go well with this design and we ended up picking the 3D floral fabric in white. We talked price and finalised on when the dress should be ready. And voila, I had my perfect seamstress and the exciting part was that her store wasn’t too far from my house so it won’t get too stressful when the time came for my dress fitting.


The day came, I was going to see my actual design come to life. As excited as I was, I was also freaking out in my head and I started second-guessing every decision I’ve made so far; like if I picked the right design or if I picked the right seamstress or will the outfit just look really horrible(like my worst nightmare). Guys, I was really nervous, but I just had to hide it and hope for the best.

On getting to the store, I just couldn’t wait to see the outfit and when they brought it out it looked like everything I had hoped for. I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. Wow, this was my design. I had to try and contain the joy I was feeling.
I tried on my dress and It still needed some fittings but it was perfect to me…

I know some persons might be wondering, well it’s just an outfit you would wear for one day. But to me, it’s not just one ordinary day, it’s the day where I get to merge my life with someone else and so I need to be wearing something that’s significant to me and there’s nothing like wearing your own design.

For soon-to-be brides, here are some Tips that can help you while shopping for your wedding dress…

• Have a Budget.

• Have a style in mind and bring pictures of inspiration.

• Decide if you’re going with a Custom design or Regular design off the rack.

• Plan out the stores and make appointments.

• Bring a friend or two(but not a crowd) to get their opinions.

• Choose something comfortable.

• Wear modest and comfortable undergarments.

• Work with a time frame in mind and start as early as possible.

• Go for multiple fittings and alterations if need be.

• Take pictures of your favourite and stay Organized.

• Sleep on it and go with your gut.

• Don’t forget to enjoy the process and don’t get too stressed out. It’s suppose to be fun.

• Most importantly, consider me to be your designer 😀

Did you enjoy reading this post? Was it helpful in any way? Are you the type of girl who dreams about her big day? What kind of wedding dress do you plan on wearing for your big day? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment box below. 😊

Till next time…

Load of Love ❤❤

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  1. Jenny most beautiful bride of 2017. So glad I read this. Gathered enough information that’ll be beyond useful to me on my own big day!!!!! Thanks for putting out stuff like this for people to read,to get aware and become inspired. Waiting on the next blog post

  2. What a beautiful bride . Your idea was perfect and the design came out just right. I was glad I didn’t miss the ceremony, it was remarkable. God bless your union.

  3. Awww….Your dress is so lovely.
    To be honest, I have never thought of wedding dress or if I’ll have one.
    But your dress is just too cute to pass by

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